The American Illustrators Gallery (AIG) is the premier exhibitor, buyer and seller of American illustration art in the world. The American Illustrators Gallery features the foremost illustrators and exhibits only the highest-quality examples of their original artwork. International museums, auction houses, and the most renowned art dealers refer connoisseurs, collectors, and educators alike to the American Illustrators Gallery.

The American Illustrators Gallery was founded in 1965 by Director Judy Goffman Cutler. Illustration art is a rich and significant part of our national heritage, and Judy Goffman Cutler cares for the preservation and continuity of this American resource. She personally supervises all appropriate conservation, provenance research, and presentation for each of the artworks. Lecturing from museums in Manhattan, to the Arts & Entertainment Network, to the TODAY show on NBC-TV, Mrs. Cutler has endeavored to present American illustration to the public at every opportunity. In 1998, she co-founded The National Museum of American Illustration in Newport, R.I., an effort she has undertaken in order to further increase the appreciation of illustration as an important part of the fine art spectrum and our nation’s cultural legacy.


The American Illustrators Gallery (AIG) buys and sells the works of the great American illustrators, from the “Golden Age of American Illustration” as well as other illustrators from various periods. We also actively solicit the submissions of prospective illustrations for consignment. We are available by appointment to give evaluations of your artwork(s).

Be sure to include with each inquiry a photograph of the original artwork in JPEG or TIF format.

E-Mail inquiries may be sent to: art@americanillustrators.com

Please send U.S. Mail inquiries to:
18 East 77th Street
New York, NY 10075 USA

If you have any questions please call us: PH 212-744-5190 • FX 212-744-0128